R. Ramiro Barcelos, 1201/707. Porto Alegre, RS.

Vitor de Paula Ramos is a member of the Organizing Committee of the II International Congress on Evidence Law (II Congresso Internacional de Direito Probatório)

On December 5th and 6th, 2022, the II International Congress on Evidence Law took place at PUCRS. The event was promoted by the Pontifical Catholic University – RS, Brazil, and co-promoted by the University of Girona, Spain, and by the University of Chile.

The event gathered over 250 participants from 9 countries around the world, and was sponsored and supported by 26 public and private institutions. The organizing committee was composed of professors Ingo Sarlet, Daniel Mitidiero, Marco Jobim, Luis Alberto Reichelt, Flávia Carbonell, Thais Paschoal and Vitor de Paula Ramos.

The III edition is already set for November 22nd, 23rd and 24th, 2023, in honor of Prof. Jordi Ferrer Beltrán.